At Yhingthai Palace, we strive to provide our customers with authentic Thai and Thai Chinese Cuisine with great emphasis on quality.
All the ingredients we use are carefully selected and the dishes are freshly cooked and prepared from scratch.

Yhingthai Palace offers a good menu of comfort food with friendly price tags, and is coveted for its location – nestled amongst the bustling city.

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Yam Nur Yang
Thai Grilled Striploin Beef Salad
Yam Woonsen
Thai Crystal Noodles Salad with Shrimp and Squid
Yam Ma Muang
Thai Mango Salad
Khao Tang Nah Tang
Rice Chips Served with
Chicken and Shrimp Dip
Som Tum
Thai Papaya Salad Served with Chicken Strips
Peek Kai Sord Sai
Deboned Stuffed Chicken Wings
Gaeng Keow Wan
Thai Green Curry with a Choice of Chicken, Pork or Beef
Peh Sah
Steamed Grouper in Spicy Sour Soup
Pla Nung Manao
Steamed Grouper with Lemon, Chopped Garlic and Chilli

Pla Kow Sam Rot
Deep Fried Grouper with Three Flavour Sauce

Kung Ob Woonsen
Prawns with Crystal Noodles in Claypot
Kung Manao
Steamed Prawns with Lemon Chopped Garlic and Chilli
Hor Mok Talay
Spicy Mixed Seafood Mousse
Poo Ja
Minced Chicken with Prawns and Crab Meat, Deep Fried and Served in a Crab Shell
Tom Yam Talay
Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup
Tom Yam Talay Kati
Tom Yam Seafood Soup with Coconut Milk
Kra Phoh Pla Nam Dang
Double boiled Fish Maw Soup with Mushroom
Phad Prik Khing Thwa Yao
Thai String Beans Fried with Prawns and Chilli Paste
Khao Phad Kra Pao
Thai Style Spicy Fried Rice
Khao Klook Ka Pi
Rice Fried with Prawn Paste Served with Condiments
Khao Ob Supparot
Pineapple Rice Served with Prawns and Pork Floss
Khao Phad Nam Liap
Thai Olive Rice Served
with Condiments
Kuay Teow Phad See Eu
Rice Noodles Fried in Black Sauce
Tup Tim Krob
Thai Red Ruby
Whan Yen
Thai Halo Halo
Mun Chium
Tapioca Served with
Fresh Coconut Cream
Khao Neow Turian
Durian Served with Glutinous Rice
and Fresh Coconut Milk
Khao Neow Ma Muang
Mango Served with Glutinous Rice

Online reservations are currently only available for big group bookings of 30 pax and above. Big group reservations require a deposit of $100 per table. The deposit will be rebated from your final bill at the restaurant.


For all other reservations, please call us at +65 6337 1161 or
+65 6337 9429 and our friendly staff will assist you.

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